Monday, August 3, 2009

Movin' on up

After 4 years of living in a neighborhood full of undergraduates, Elizabeth and I decided that we'd had enough. We spent all weekend moving to a new apartment about 15 minutes away from the old one. Both apartments are on the second floor, and neither building has an elevator. We have a lot of furniture for a one bedroom apartment and Elizabeth has buttloads of books. By the end of the day on Saturday, my legs were like jelly and every muscle in my body ached. Now I remember why I hate moving. Even our brains were fried. On our way home from returning the U-Haul, a car in front of us had a bumper sticker that said "If you enjoy your freedom, thank a vet". Elizabeth stared at the sticker for a while. "What the hell does that
mean?" she said, "that doesn't even make sense!" To which I replied, "Honey, you do know that they're talking about war veterans, NOT veterinarians, right?" Dead silence.

Anyway, our new apartment is so much nicer than the old one. For the first time in our lives, we have a dishwasher. And central air. Even though the apartment is by most standards ugly and dated, it feels positively luxurious compared to all of the other places we've lived. To top it all off, it's only 3 minutes away from our favorite dosa place. Really, what else does a girl need?

And now for your viewing pleasure, some photos from the apartment's web site:

The cabinets are crappy, but there are SO MANY OF THEM!

Someone put a lot of work into making the bathroom this ugly. I wonder if we can get a shower curtain to match the tile?


Anonymous said...

The bathroom slays me! I say you just get on ebay and buy the craziest stuff you can for it - macromay wall hangings in the shape of an owl with big wood bead eyes, an avacado green hand hooked bath mat, a hand thrown pot full of wheat.

Your new place sounds like a dream and I'm so glad you are all moved in now. Enjoy your dishwasher and AC, I don't have either of those things and I envy you.

Anonymous said...

I like the anecdote about thanking a vet. I guess if you really think about it, vetrinarians do bring us some serious freedoms, like freedom from animal overpopulation, or fleas, or even rabies (not the baby kind though... that's the good one). Funny.

Schroedinger said...

Thanks for the best giggle of my day!
Happy new apartment. The bathroom is a treasure!

boo said...

I am so impressed that you moved from one second floor apartment to another all by yourselves. You two are obviously incredibly buff and hardcore. I have always fantasized about a house with central AC- enjoy!

justine said...

a girl needs nothing more than a dosa and central air. in my opinion, anyways.

congrats on the move and wow! on the DIY moving. hope you had a dosa to celebrate.

Lisa said...

Congrats on moving. Central air sounds good right about now. We had it in our old apt but not in our new home.

mama bea, bao in the oven said...

mazel tov. that is officially THE most hideous bathroom i have ever seen!

so great that you are in a new place--dishwasher and a/c are like the best things ever. will you have to move again for elizabeth's postdoc? a very sincere congratulations on that achievement--good for her!!