Friday, October 29, 2010

Still here

Wanna know a secret? Twins rock. Hanging out with these two babies is way more fun than blogging, hence my very long absence from blogland. I've had the joy of staying home with the babies for the past few weeks, while Elizabeth has been going to work. Since my maternity leave will be ending far too soon, I've been soaking up this time with my son and daughter. Being on the computer or watching TV feels like too much of a drain on my time with them. Occasionally when they're both sleeping, I'll try to go through my blogroll and catch up, but it rarely works. I'll comment on one or two blogs, and then get pulled away housework or the poor neglected dogs. Since Elizabeth is at work, the prime spot for procrastination and avoiding work, she keeps me filled in on everything. I've been cheering from the sidelines for anyone who has gotten pregnant, stayed pregnant, had babies, or just kept plugging along in the TTC game.

My babies are so friggin awesome. I swear, they're the easiest babies in the world. They have been pretty consistent for the past few weeks about eating every 4 hours. They aren't sleeping through the night yet, but are only up once. They're completely different people- our daughter (Butterbean) is the quieter of the two, a very content and focused baby. She's perfectly content to sit still and listen to a story. Our son is the active, smiley, flirty type and he talks CONSTANTLY. I swear, when we were eating lunch today he said "mayhem" very clearly. Elizabeth and I both heard it.

I'm just having so much fun with them. So here's a few pictures for anyone who might still be reading this blog. I'll probably start posting more when I return to work in a few weeks. :(

staring at the mobile above their crib

getting ready for the rainbow families halloween party

smiliest. boy. ever.

relaxing in her bumbo chair