Monday, December 17, 2012

A bright spot

Like many of you, I have been feeling very low listening to the news lately.  I don't think my gift from this year's craft exchange could have come at a better time.  It is heartwarming to know that someone could take time out of their busy lives to make something so nice for a complete stranger.

I got this in the mail on Saturday from the family at

My crummy cell phone picture does not do this craft justice.  It looks professionally made.  If I had seen this in a store, I totally would have bought it.  The colors are great in my home, and the red is a perfect match for my couch.  The kids love it too-  they are really into letters, so they constantly want to be held up to get a better look.  Best of all, now I have a new blog to follow!

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Kirsten said...

Hi there! Glad you like it! Merry Christmas to your darling family!