Friday, October 2, 2009

Knock me out, knock me up

I'm tired.  I've been getting up extra early each morning for the cattle call b/w & u/s appointments to check my response to the IVF drugs.  My follicles have been plugging along nicely.  Initially, I was told that my retrieval would happen between the 5th and the 8th.  So you can imagine my surprise when I was told to trigger Friday night for a Sunday (the 4th!) morning retrieval.  It's all happening so quickly.  For the first time in months I'm feeling excited and optimistic.  It's a very guarded optimism though.  I know that things can fall apart at any moment.  Just because I made a few eggs doesn't mean that any will fertilize, or implant.  

I'm nervous about the retrieval.  I've always been weirded out about being put under.  When I was 12, and the dentist told be I'd need to have my wisdom teeth pulled someday, I freaked out.  I was worried that, like people in sitcoms, I'd start talking and divulging secrets while under anesthesia.  At 12, my biggest fear was that I would somehow reveal that I was gay.  As if the moment my eyes closed, I'd scream "I love titties!"  So while I'm no longer a closeted kid worried about coming out while drugged, I'm still a control freak.  And the idea of being knocked out still makes me a bit uncomfortable.  It's like being drunk in front of a group of sober people.   


journeytowardsourbaby said...

Funny - that's the same as us, we thought everything would be happening mid to late next week but it's all go now! Good luck, I hope it goes really well and can't wait to hear (feels like I have to wait extra long cos it's already Saturday night here but I know we're way ahead of time lol)

K was nervous about the drugs too but they were the best thing ever and she is so glad she was knocked out - you'll be ok and before you know it it'll all be over and hopefully you'll have a nice group of eggs waiting!

I never answered your question the other day but when we had the scan K had done 6 days of gonal at 300 whatevers.

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

Wow, that is fast! So glad the hear that things are moving right along. I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow!

That's so hilarious about when you were 12! I assume your actual coming out was less dramatic than that?!

Thanks for your comment about AF and prog. over at my blog. I feel like I'm always getting conflicting information, so I never know what's normal, you know?

Anyway, hurray for eggs! Now let's see them fertilize!


Malea said...

"As if the moment my eyes closed, I'd scream "I love titties!" "
That is hilarious;)

alimis said...

I hope all went fantastically well this morning and I look forward to hearing about it.

I have the same fear of being put under. I am so afraid that I am going to be talking crazy talk or tell some random secret to either a very loved one or some random nurse. Last time I had to be put under I made my ex promise to tell me everything I messily said, regardless of how embarrasing it was.
And....."I love titties" simply hilarious!!

rachelbk said...

I'm hoping you're back to consciousness by now and that all went well!