Friday, October 9, 2009

Update....with no information!

I've had a very difficult time getting any information from the clinic about the IVF process.  It's getting quite frustrating.  About 24 hours post retrieval, the nurse called and told me how many eggs were developing normally. I asked if there were any other eggs that had fertilized and stopped developing already, and she said she didn't know, but I could ask after my transfer on Wednesday.  The nurse said that on Wednesday morning before 11, I'd get a call letting me know what time to come in for the transfer.   

On Wednesday, the clinic finally called Elizabeth's cell phone at 11.  The told her that my embryos were doing well, and my transfer had been pushed back to Friday for a 5 day transfer.  She asked the nurse how many embryos were left, and the nurse said she had no information on the matter, but that we could find out after the transfer.  

So today, I got up nice and early.  I took a pregnancy test to make sure the trigger shot was out of my system.  And then I called out "sick" from work.  This is something I rarely do.  I especially hate calling out sick on Fridays because I know it looks suspicious.  But what can I do?  I relaxed and had a leisurely morning at home with the dog.  By 10:00 I was getting very excited for the impending phone call.  By 11:20, I was frantic.  I was sure that all of my embryos had arrested.  At 11:30, I finally called the clinic to find out what was going on.  Apparently my embryos are still looking okay, but are a bit slow to self select.  I have been pushed back to a 6 day transfer.  I tried once again to find out how many embryos are left, but the nurse had no information and said I could find out at the transfer.  

Between not knowing how many embryos I have, how the embryos are doing, or when the transfer will take place, I am very frustrated with the lack of information from the clinic.  Patients are not allowed to contact embryology.  We live in a world where people can monitor their pets at doggy daycare via webcam.  I don't think it's too much to ask to get an update on my potential future children.


Lisa said...

Crap!!!! Honestly, you have every right to be frustrated and annoyed with them. I don't understand why they are keeping you in the dark about your own information. My thoughts are with you and I hope that you can transfer tomorrow.

luckylittle13 said...

So NOT cool! I would call embryology anyway and plead for information. And I definitely think it's worth giving feedback to your doc about the lack of communication. I'll be thinking about you. Good luck tomorrow!

rachelbk said...

I would be climbing the walls and screaming with frustration! UGH! I hope that the transfer goes well tomorrow!

poppycat said...

You are a pretty patient woman. I'm pretty sure I would have gone a little pit bull/interrogator on that nurse and insisted on having a Dr call back. That's crazy.

I am really really really really (get the idea? :)) excited for tomorrow! Good luck coming to you.

Malea said...

Don't they know that keeping you in the dark will increase your anxiety thus your stress level which can directly affect implantation?

With that thought in mind you must remain calm.

*deep breath*

journeytowardsourbaby said...

I was wondering how you were getting on. That sucks, they obviously never heard that a little communication goes a long way! You must be going crazy wondering where they're all at BUT that is awesome news that they are doing well, and if they're waiting for day 6 they will know so much more about which ones are the best. Look what happened with ours in just 2 day!

Best of luck tomorrow, we will be thinking of you - enjoy your day off today anyway (unless it's already over, in which case I hope you DID enjoy it!)

justine said...

oh, i keep checking in with my phone b/c i have been worried! i am so sorry this has been such a frustrating process. all i can think, aside from the fact that they should definitely have webcams with your embryos monitored via the web, is that slow-and-steady-wins-the-race.

i have everything crossed for a easy and successful transfer tomorrow. we're all rooting for you and those embryos.

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

Grrr! I can only imagine how frustrating it must be.

Can't wait to hear about the transfer! :)

Baby Mama, Too said...

How utterly frustrating for you! The lack of customer service running rampant, just in general, is astounding to me, especially when you are paying 1000's of dollars for the service!

Fingers crossed that everything goes well with the transfer!

thebao said...

Ugh, how frustrating. Especially since you took a day off for it. Argh! Don't they KNOW you have OTHER THINGS GOING ON in your life?

That said, I hope today went (is going?) well--I can't wait to hear all about it!!