Monday, September 28, 2009

I, Pincushion

My poor belly.  I started stimming on Saturday, which brings me up to 3 injections per night.  I'm finally getting a lovely pattern of bruises around my bellybutton.  So far, I'm not feeling too much going on in my ovaries, which has me a bit nervous.  My second ultrasound is tomorrow morning, so hopefully it will reveal that my ovaries are doing more than I can feel.  For those of you who have done injectables for IUI and also done IVF, was the rate of follicle growth the same?  I'm wondering if my follicles are just growing more slowly with the IVF drugs, and maybe that's why I can't feel much. 

And for anyone who wants to compare notes, here's my IVF schedule:

8/31- 9/14-  birth control
9/15- 9/19- birth control + 20 units lupr0n
9/20 - 9/25 - 20 units lupr0n
9/26- 10/01  - 5 units lupr0n, 15 units low dose HCG, 300 units f0llustim
10/02- 2 shots of 0vidrel
10/4 - retrieval


Lisa said...

Hang in there chicky. You are almost there. Those shots are no fun. Will they tell you tomorrow the rest of your schedule? I'm so clueless about the IVF process. Do you do the last line of meds until your follies are to the size and amt that they want? I'm rooting for you as always.

Anonymous said...

good luck with the u/s tomorrow, I hope it shows some good results for you! We're on slightly different drugs so can't really help you there but I can tell you that K's belly is turning pretty colours now too!

thebao said...

Poor needle-tum. :(
Hope the ultrasound went well this morning.

Anonymous said...

I have no notes to compare as we are still hanging out in the realm of IUIs, but I did want to say good luck tomorrow. I hope that the u/s shows something good.

justine said...

poor belly! but, soon you'll have all these crazy pregnancy symptoms and the belly bruises will be a thing of the past! hope u/s was good good good.

tbean said...

Don't worry about not feeling them. I tend to have super sensitive ovaries (like I can feel each month when I ovulate) but I don't think that is the norm. We are on the exact same schedule--yay!! Glad to have you along for the ride.

J and D said...

I only did injectables for IUI, never IVF so I have nothing to add. I just wanted to say that I'm hoping things are growing well!!

Anonymous said...

Those bruises suck. I had to have heparin shots in the belly every day of my pregnancy, and I by the time I had Farty, it was hard to find a non-bruised spot to put the needle!
But it's all worthwhile, I hope you got good news at your appointment!

Anonymous said...

You'll feel those follies soon enough. I was at least half way through stimming before I really started to feel mine. I hope all is going well and those shots aren't causing too many more bruises.