Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm a little quirky when it comes to pregnancy tests. I know there are many people who can't wait to POAS, but I prefer to wait for AF and let my body tell me whether the insemination worked or not. I don't like to get bad news from someone else. The old school - 2 line pregnancy tests aren't quite so bad. You get to determine for yourself that there is no second line, and that waiting another 5 minutes won't make a line magically appear. The digital tests seem a bit harsher, telling you in actual words that you will be moving on to another cycle. But the worst of all has got to be the blood test. Fortunately, I have always gotten my period before the scheduled pregnancy test at the clinic, so I've never actually had one. I cringe when I think about getting a phone call from one of the nurses feigning sympathy as she gives me the bad news.

This time around, (try #7) was my first cycle with injectables. I did the trigger on day 10, and the inseminations on days 11 and 12. The clinic wanted me to come in on what would be day 25 for the pregnancy test, but I managed to get it moved. The latest they would go is day 28. Since I'm on progesterone, I just know that AF will be late this month. I'm pretty sure that attempt number 7 is a failure. I'm at 12dpIUI and do not have any early pregnancy symptoms yet. I'm considering calling the clinic the day before my test and telling them I got my period, even if I haven't yet, just so I can avoid going in. Does anyone else hate testing as much as I do?


Melissa said...

I do. I normally do the same thing as you and just don't go in to get bloodwork done. Normally because when I was charting I would start to see my temp drop and just know. This time I was forced to go in for the beta test. I knew though before I got "the call" what the results were so it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.

Parasol said...

I'm not a fan of POAS either. I did it for the first few cycles and it was too much pressure! I prefer to wait for the blood or at least the day of the beta (mostly the former).

You say you don't have any pregnancy symptoms but do you have any PMS symptoms?

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

I hate testing as well, but it’s the finality of it all that I hate the most. I admire those who can hold out til day 14, but I much prefer to take the disappointment a little bit at a time. I hear ya about the digital ones – way too decisive!

Are you planning to POAS on 14dpiui?

GL! There’s still hope – we’ve had so many “symptoms” that obviously weren’t, and I’m sure it works in reverse, too. Last spring, a good friend said the same thing: she just knew it didn’t work b/c her body was telling her it didn’t. She now has a tiny little one at home (from that cycle), so you never know…