Thursday, April 2, 2009

The cool table

For the past few years, I've put a good deal of effort into avoiding the world of blogs/f.acebook/m.yspace and the like. I've seen too many people get sucked in way too far, and forgo actual face-to-face socialization for the sake of working on their blogs, or chatting with f.ace book friends.
All of that changed for me when I realized that this process of trying to get pregnant was going to take much longer than originally anticipated. I suddenly felt an overwhelming need to find community. I needed to know that there were other people out there who were as frustrated with the insanity of this process like I am, so I found some really great blogs that I began to check religiously. Then I started my own little blog. I admit I'm still a bit inept when it comes to blog culture and etiquette. Sure, I could make a blog, and I could read lots of blogs, but how could I actually connect with people through blogs? It felt a bit awkward to post a comment to a complete stranger on a matter as personal at TTC. I finally worked up the nerve to post a comment at Amy and Melissa's Baby Blog . So the next day when I was browsing blogs at work (during my lunch break, I swear- I would never waste company time) I saw my little blog listed under TTC on Amy and Melissa's Baby Blog. It felt like I was in junior high, and had just been invited to sit at the cool kids table.


Melissa said...

LOL. You are always invited to the cool kids table!! Welcome to the insane community. Hopefully your stay on this side of the process will be over soon :)

Lisa said...

Come sit with us. The nice thing about us "cool kids" is that we are not the "means girls." We've all been through the highs and lows of ttc and can really empathize with each other. I think that's what makes us such great "friends." You may want to check out there is a glbt fertility group. When I first started ttc that site was instrumental (it had a different format back then and was alot more user friendly). I learned ALOT and got a lot of positive feedback from that online community. That's where I "met" Melissa. Some of us have moved away from babycenter for various reasons but you may find some additional support there.