Friday, April 10, 2009


    The doctor thought I had at least 3 good looking follicles on Thursday morning.  Last night I went for acupuncture, and then gave myself the trigger shot.  IUI #1 of this cycle was done at 9 this morning, and IUI #2 will be tomorrow at 7:30am. 
     I called out "sick" from work today which is something I rarely do.  Because I live so close to work, I'm sort of housebound now.  I can't exactly go out for lunch or walk the dog because I run the risk of bumping into someone from work.  I discovered very quickly that daytime T.V. is horrible.  So I spent the day reading, taking a nap, and making papier-mâché eggs filled with candy to give to my family and friends.  

    I'm just glad that neither of my IUIs fell on Sunday.  I'm supposed to visit my grandmother for Easter, and she doesn't live anywhere near the clinic we're using.  Plus, one of my other cycles had me going in for IUIs on New Years Eve and New Years Day.  I felt so bad for all the people working at the clinic on a holiday, especially those who had to be up at the crack of dawn after New Years partying!


Melissa said...

Good luck this cycle!! Love the Easter eggs.

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

Thanks for your comment - it's so true. TLC will air just about anything these days, huh??