Monday, July 6, 2009

It pays to fail!

I have finally hit the magic number- 6. My insurance company requires 6 out of pocket IUIs before you're deemed worthy of fertility coverage. Elizabeth and I spent the last cycle getting all of the paperwork in order and recovering our expenses a little bit. I'm frustrated that we've had 6 IUIs and no pregnancy, but thrilled that our G.onal F is only going to cost a $10 co-pay. After skipping a cycle, I'm very anxious to get started again.

Unfortunately, we might have to skip this one too. My mother has a catering business, and I've agreed to help her with a party on the 17th and 18th. It's good money, and we could really use the cash right now to chip away at some of the debt from my failures. This means that I'll be out of state two weekends from now. Since I'm doing a G.onal F cycle, I'm supposed to be at the clinic almost every other morning for u/s & b/w. My past 2 cycles with injectables have has me doing IUIs on the early side, usually day 11 & 12. Elizabeth and I played around with the calendar last night. It looks like if AF arrives today, I should probably be okay and will be able to get the insems done before we leave the state. If AF comes this Saturday, we'll probably be okay too... just as long as our doctor feels okay about me going 2 days in a row with no monitoring. If AF shows up on Wednesday or Thursday however, we're pretty much screwed.

So all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and wait. I really hope I don't have to sit out another cycle, as this is my last chance to get myself knocked up before I turn 30!


AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

Thanks so much for your sweet and supportive comments over at my blog.

Yay for insurance! Did you pay for the meds out of pocket last time? We were relieved that insurance covered the g-f pen, too. One last shot before 30, huh? You can do it!

FX that AF comes soon...

poppycat said...

Why is it that beotch just shows up whenever she feels like it? I hope she doesn't keep you waiting until Wed or Thurs. Fingers crossed that she shows up soon!

Melissa said...

A) I don't like how you used the term "my failures". Tsk tsk young lady. These are not your failures and I hope that it was a mistype rather than your true feelings.

B) YAY! for the insurance coverage. It's going to feel so good to only have to pay $10!!

C) I'll keep my fingers crossed too!

journeytowardsourbaby said...

Scheduling sucks when you can't really choose the dates! I hope it works out for this month, but if not at least you'll have a little extra cash for next time. That's great about the insurance though!!

justine said...

i am thinking good scheduling thoughts and am so happy that you are going to get $10 meds now! yay for that.

thanks for your very sweet note at figboiler. i am so blown away by how generous and sweet you all are. i am just so glad to have this amazing support.

take care as your new month starts,

Lisa said...

Sorry that you had to reach that magic number but so psyched that you can now get gonal f for only $10 and have your cycles covered. I'm soooooooo jealous. I swear if McDonalds paid for fertility coverage, I'd be right there asking if you wanted fries with that on the weekends. Sucks that not every employer adds a fertility rider for their employees. Good luck to you for your next cycle, whenever that may be. My fingers are crossed for you.

thebao said...

Just catching up on your blog--I hope AF arrived when you wanted her too! That is so awesome that your insurance company is going to cover treatment. We are paying out of pocket (other than femara) and it is not awesome. I hope you get to give this cycle a go--it would indeed be awesome to find out you are preggers when you celebrate your big 3-0.