Sunday, July 19, 2009

Should I stay or should I go?

Our friend Angela just told us that she has access to a condo in Mexico mid-August.  Her friend owns the condo, and will let her use it for free.  Angela had a really rough year, from battling breast cancer to dealing with a crazy ex-husband.  She has invited me and Elizabeth and a few other friends to join her at the condo so we can all relax and de-stress.

Elizabeth and I have been struggling all week trying to decide if we should go.  We've been talking in circles.  The more we talk, the more confused we get.  We tried to make a pro / con list, but it got too complicated when we decided that we really needed to weight each pro and con.  Of course, it could be a fun time,  but there are multiple reasons why we shouldn't go.  If the July insemination does work, I would be newly pregnant on vacation.  I have no idea how I'd be feeling at that point.  It might be miserable.  If the July insemination doesn't work, I'd have to skip the August cycle because the vacation would possibly happen when we'd be monitoring or inseminating.  And then there's the fact that we're really broke.  Even with free lodging, the vacation will cost more than an insemination.  So this is where I am seeking your advice.  Is it too good an opportunity to pass up, or should we focus on the baby making?


Keely said...

I've been fielding my share of advice not to take a very special trip because I *might* be pregnant at the time, but I just as likely will NOT be. How much MORE miserable would NOT being pg be if I also knew I was passing up the travel opportunity of a lifetime! If you have morning sickness, it will suck wherever you are. If you are not, then relax, regroup and try again in Sept, while you can still see your fading tan lines from your wonderful trip.
It sounds absolutely lovely. Go, go, go-- That's my thought!

thebao said...

That's a tough one and I agree that there's no clear answer. Y'all totally deserve a vacation, and it's hard to pass up such an awesome one that is relatively cheap. But if the July insem doesn't work and you have to skip August, you might be pissed at yourselves. Though having a nice, relaxing vacation may recharge your batteries in that area as well. Hmm. I think I just talked myself into voting yes.

Anonymous said...

I say take any relaxation opportunity you can. So often we put our lives on hold for this only to find out it didn't pay off like we hoped it would. Even with money tight, it will be worth it and I don't think you should worry too much about feeling yucky if you are newly preggo. You probably wouldn't be feeling bad enough by that point to regret being there.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I've been in this long enough to advise you to GO! A missed cycle is just a missed cycle. It will be forgotten about before you know it. GO to Mexico and enjoy yourself.

Number one rule of TTC: LIVE LIFE FIRST.

In this case caps does mean I'm yelling! :)