Sunday, May 10, 2009

The mother of all IUI dates

I just had my first IUI with the new doctor today.  On Mother's Day.  I'm trying very hard not to read too much into that one, but finding it nearly impossible.  On one hand, it would be crazy and wonderful to know that we had conceived on Mother's Day.  On the other hand, if this cycle fails I'll feel like my luck is cursed.  One year ago, I naively assumed that I'd be celebrating Mother's Day as a hugely pregnant woman this year.  It's a mindfuck, no mater what.  But if I remove all of the crazy Mother's Day related emotions, it's been a pretty good day.  

  • My new doctor at the little clinic is without a doubt the most wonderful doctor I've ever used. The clinic isn't normally open on Sunday, but he and a nurse opened the place just to do my IUI.  He also let me look at the sperm under the microscope, which is the first time I've been allowed to do that.  It was cool to see so many swimmers wriggling like crazy on the slide.  The nurse kept a supportive, reassuring hand on my knee throughout the procedure.  She also gave Elizabeth a genuine excited smile as the doctor was doing the IUI, which made Elizabeth happy since it made her feel as though her role in this was being acknowledged.  All in all, it felt great to be in a warm, supportive environment-  so unlike the big fancy fertility clinic we had been using.
  • After the IUI, we got Sri Lankan food for lunch.  And we're going to meet up with some friends and do Vietnamese food for dinner.  Yay for relaxing and not worrying about cooking or cleaning the kitchen!
  • The stray cat that hangs out on our fire escape just had kittens.  She brought the kittens up to the fire escape for the first time yesterday and they're adorable.  I am enjoying their cuteness without being jealous of the stray cat's ability to reliably pop out a new litter each spring.  I'll save being jealous of homeless animals for my REALLY crazy days.
Let's hope I can maintain this positive attitude through 2ww #8.


Lisa said...

Good luck this cycle. An IUI on Mother's Day has to be a good sign.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Justine said...

hey- just wanted to say and good luck! i, too, was being driven a bit crazy by the mother's day hoopla. we're halfway through our first tww. gross.

anyways, we are thinking good thoughts for you and hope that your new experience sealed the deal.

come visit if you get a chance:

cheers, justine

A said...

What a wonderful experience at the doctor's office. Wow. I'm jealous.

I hope your 2WW is quick with a BFP at the end of it!!

Anonymous said...

What a great IUI! I hope that Zen finds you this TWW. Bring the BFP please!

Justine said...
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justine said...

gr: your comment was so sweet. thanks. it's so nice to be surrounded by others in this crazy mess! sending lots of cleaving magic your way.