Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The 6WW

After 3 unsuccessful unmedicated IUIs, it's our clinic's policy to begin medicated cycles.  When we met with our doctor, she admitted that c.lomid probably wouldn't help me very much since I'm already ovulating regularly.  FSH would be a better choice, but the cost is much, much higher.  Our insurance doesn't cover fertility services until 6 failed cycles. Elizabeth and I were ready to write off the FSH option because the high cost of the medication plus the extensive monitoring it would require were far out of our budget limits.  But then our wonderful nurse at the clinic told us that she might be able to work with the drug company to get us some reduced cost injectables.  It would still cost more than a c.lomid cycle, and we would have to skip a cycle while our nurse worked on procuring the drugs. 
In the end we decided to go with the injectables despite the higher cost hoping that we'd end up doing fewer cycles than if we'd gone with c.lomid.  This means that I had to skip my March cycle.  I ovulated over the weekend, so now I am in a sort of 6 week wait while we ride out the rest of this cycle and wait for the next.  Taking a month off has really thrown me.  I feel like I have absolutely no sense of time.  I'm surprised at how quickly my life was broken up into 2 week blocks of waiting to inseminate, and then waiting for the results.  Truthfully, I am feeling a bit guilty and unproductive during this break time-  like when you watch TV instead of doing your taxes.  I know there's nothing wrong with taking a break occasionally, but feel like I don't know what to do with my time anymore.  What the hell did I do with my free time before I started this process?

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Lisa said...

Living your life in 2 weeks sucks. I'm amazed at how fast months/years pass by due to it.