Monday, November 14, 2011

what? a post?

Did you forget that I had a blog? I nearly did! My life has been busy since my last post. My love finally got a (tenure track!) job and it's been going well so far. My kids turned 1 year old. We bought a house. It really feels like our lives are falling into place.

I tried writing on some of the topics that were going around for the blog carnival, but was only ever able to get about 1/2 a post drafted before the next topic came out. But everyone loves a good secret, right? I suppose it's not too late to share some parenting secrets, in bullet form since it's probably the only way I'll get anything out.

  • My kids are really, really awful sleepers. We didn't do any sort of sleep training with them when they were young. We found out early on that they could be settled pretty quickly if they were brought into our bed. Since we lived in a 1 bedroom apartment for the first year of their lives, it was difficult to attempt any sort of sleep training since the kids could see and hear us when we were in bed. And we couldn't just shut the door to their room and let them cry it out, since they didn't have their own room. So we did what seemed easiest in the short term. We became accidental co-sleepers. At 15 months, the kids are still nursing to sleep every night. They have very little / no ability to self soothe. I have not had a good night sleep in ages. My love and I can not go out at night because I am the only one who can put the kids to bed. I love my kids, and co-sleeping is nice sometimes, but I would really, really love to go out at night and have some grown up time.
  • You know how everyone says that if you're breastfeeding, you'll start leaking anytime you hear any baby cry, even some stranger's baby in the grocery store? That never happened to me. Not even when my own babies cried. In my postpartum-sleep-deprived-crazy- hormone state, I worried that this meant I was a bad mother or just not in tune to the needs of my kids.
  • I feel guilty about my daycare. I don't think the kids are getting much stimulation there at all. It's set up so that all kids 6weeks-18months are in the same room. The toddlers in that room just seem restless. I am worried that I am doing a disservice to my kids and that they are not where they should be developmentally, but it's the only place I can afford. I'm not just talking $50 or $100 savings here. If we sent them to any other place, I'd literally have to get a second job just to send both kids to daycare.
  • There are some times when I really wish my kids would watch TV. I've tried a few times to get them interested if I need to distract them for a few minutes, but so far have had no luck. Please kids? Just watch the little red monster with the funny voice for 10 minutes...please?


jessie said...

Congrats on everything!

I never leaked either.

It took HP a while to show any interest in tv. But now he will watch some sesame street while I cook dinner so I don't have to worry about him throwing a ball in boiling water. I love it and have no shame!:)

Shannon said...

The part about tv made me laugh because I remember thinking that *exact* same thing about both my kids, especially my first. We just wanted him to watch for 10 MINUTES. The good news is, eventually, they do. Our youngest is 27 months now and started caring about TV a few months ago. Hang in there, it will happen and those 10 minutes are wonderful.

boo said...

We co-sleep and I totally hear you on the not having a good night sleep in ages thing. But Will is just about the sweetest and snuggliest baby ever at night, and despite the frequent night wakings, I love having him in bed with us.

So nice to read an update from you. Pictures soon? They must be so big!

Strawberry said...

Curly was 18-20 months when he started "watching" tv. So they're still a little young.

What you commented on my blog re: the biting... I'm sure the possible under-stimulation and just their age in general contributes to it. It's pretty normal in young toddlers and I wouldn't necessarily worry about it (yet). There's a huge difference between 15 month olds biting each other and 2 and a half year olds doing it (and singling out one child in particular...)

anofferingoflove said...

yay, good to see you back! :)

we were accidental co-sleepers with bird too. we pulled the plug on it around 10.5 months when it wasn't working any more due to her desire to take up 95% of the space! ;)

and i never leaked either. wonder where those stories come from...?

rachelbk said...

Good to see you back! I was an accidental cosleeper with Ceara, and I fear I may be heading down that road with Gnome and Fudd. I'm just too exhausted.

mamaandmummy said...

I leak all.the.time. Last week leaked when I saw a St. Bernard puppy on TV. (!?!?) So, count yourself lucky is all I'm sayin'.

Vee said...

How can your kids be one already? BB loves the TV now and is so tyrannical about precisely what he NEEDS to watch, right down to specific recorded episodes that I sometimes hate the damned thing, but I can't deny it's a life saver at times. I leaked only when full. My wife is currently leaking constantly - no crying babies required.

Pomegranate said...

i only leak (and rarely) if i'm super engorged and take a hot shower. or sometimes from one side when he starts feeding from the other but only if it's been 5-6 hours since i last nursed/pumped.

we're also accidental co-sleepers for pretty much the same reason. and i'm already feeling tethered. but what can we do?