Friday, June 3, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Gotta say, I'm loving this non-challenge!

Guilty pleasure #1
Gelato, ice cream and pretty much any other frozen dessert. Although there is almost always a pint in our freezer, there's something about going out to the scoop shops and seeing all those different flavors lined up that makes me giddy. Even hearing the music from an ice cream truck makes me perk up and check my pockets for cash, just in case the driver decides to stop for me.

Guilty pleasure #2
Reality TV. Some of my favorites are RuPaul's Drag Race, Top Chef, 16 and Pregnant (though it made me horribly bitter and jealous when I was TTC), Sister Wives, 19 Kids and Counting and Hoarders.

Guilty Pleasure #3
Crisps. I'm not trying to be cute and randomly toss British terms into the conversation. I just really love all the different kinds of British potato chips. I know, the flavors are all crazy artificial, but I can't help myself. Cheddar and red onion chutney, anyone?

Guilty Pleasure #4
Seeing jerks get pulled over. I'm not the hugest fan of law enforcement, but when someone has been weaving, speeding, and forces me to slam on my brakes with my kids in the back, I get a little thrill when I see them pulled over.

Guilty Pleasure #5
Fake sick days. I rarely call out sick because I rarely get sick. But once in a while I'll treat myself to a mental
health day. I'm always a little bit worried about getting caught, but there is something that just feels so deliciously naughty about having a leisurely lunch at a restaurant while everyone else is at work.


e said...

oh how I love mental health days. My mom used to give them to be every so often when I was a kid. I would skip school, we would go out to lunch together and then maybe to a museum or for tea or just rent a movie and cuddle on the couch. I LOVED them!

Strawberry said...

Oh how I would love to be eating some stracciatella with a side of roquefort and bacon crisps (best crisps I ever had in London) while playing hooky to watch a Ru Paul Drag Race marathon and look out the window to spot a cop pull over some &$^% doing 90mph.

poppycat said...

Nothing better than a mental health day! I like to call them sick and tired days.

mamaandmummy said...

Ha, I love your photos! I'm with you on the sick days. I took a BUNCH this spring because I learned that maternity leave will grant me 6 weeks paid INCLUDING using up the rest of my personal sick leave. As in, I get six weeks paid regardless of how much leave I've saved. So I used a week a a half and don't feel guilty.

Mmmmmm, gelato.

Libberal said...

That last one is pretty cute. And ditto on the reality TV and frozen treats. The best is the two combined!