Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wait...I had a blog, didn't I?

No, I am not lying in a ditch somewhere.  It's just been a busy couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago, I started lupr0n.  It made me extra emotional this time around.  EVERYTHING made me cry.  I was listening to a story on NPR about the 40 year anniversary of Sesame Street, and when they played the theme song I started crying.  When my grandfather showed me a tattered picture of himself holding a bawling two-week-old me that he's been carrying around in his wallet for 30 years, more tears.  When someone in my office was brewing a particularly good smelling coffee, I welled up a little because I miss coffee so much.  It was an interesting week alright.

I've also been very busy at work.  November is normally a busy time in an academic library, but it's been particularly bad lately due to lack of coverage.  One co-worker in particular is absolutely ridiculous.  She's out once or twice every week and gives the most ridiculous excuses.  Once she called out for two days because the check engine light came on in her car.  Another time she called out because she dropped her keys in the snow.  And another time she called out because she claimed to have gotten whiplash from looking at an accident on her way to work.  Last week, she claimed to have hurt her foot on Thursday morning.  She put on a really terrible fake limp whenever she thought someone was watching her.  On Friday, she called out because she claimed that her foot was in so much pain that she couldn't focus.  While it's funny to hear what kind of excuse she's going to come up with next, it's irritating that I have to pick up so much of the slack.  When am I supposed to blog if I have to spend the whole workday working?

Fortunately, the weekend was much better.  Elizabeth and I went to see Superior Donuts, which was one of the best shows I've seen in a while.  We got some Christmas shopping done, and found out that our dear friend Angela, (who has been through breast cancer and a messy divorce / custody battle recently) is getting married this summer to one of the sweetest men I've ever met.  In TTC news, I've been stimming since Monday.  My follicles are coming along slowly but surely.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have a Thanksgiving day retrieval!  

Now I'm off to catch up on what the rest of blogland has been up to.  


justine said...

we've got our fingers crossed that everything lines up perfectly for you all this month!

glad to hear all is well (if hectic) there. and wow- your coworker sounds like a doozy. i can't imagine...!

Anonymous said...

Wow things sound pretty hectic alright, and then throwing in stims on top - whew! I'm convinced that slowly and surely is the best way for follies to be - hope they keep it up.

Growing up Clangley said...

i was laughing so hard at those excuses! wiplash from looking at an accident! im gonna have to try that one. good luck this week with the follies...we are all rooting for you!

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

That co-worker sounds hilarious. The rest of you guys should have a betting pool or something, like you win if you pick a certain excuse that she uses.

How's the stimming going?? When do you go to check out your progress?


Anonymous said...

this post had me cracking up. and superior donuts does look great. can't wait to be back in the big apple! good luck this week!

Keely said...

Welcome back!

Sounds like Lupr0n has thrown you for a loop... But the story about your grandfather almost made ME lose it, too.

Your co-worker is a piece of work. Mine calls in with a 4-day migraine EVERY time my boss is on vacation. What can you do?!

Best thoughts to your ripening follies!

Anonymous said...

Glad everything's ok! I have been peeking in and wondering how you are doing... I really hope this cycle is it for you-- And that you don't have to have a retreival on Thanksgiving... Happy stimming ;)

P said...

Love those excuses she comes up with...very funny.

Wishing you lots of good follies and hopefully no retrieval on Turkey day.

thebao said...

Yay! You're back! I missed you!

How utterly rude of your coworker--doesn't she realize you have adoring internet fans to attend to?!

Hope you get lots of lovely follies and that the timing works out well.

Anonymous said...

WOw, those are some very special excuses from your co-worker.

Also, glad to see you back; missed reading your words.